Sulgrave, Northampton, England to Jamaica to Maryland


1)- 28 August 1730 GEORGE BEALLE of Sulgrave, county of Northampton, England signed an indenture with William Cash of London to serve six years in Jamaica. George Bealle is 17 years old (born 1713).
See possible signature match on this website.

2)- George Beal baptised 29 Feb 1713 (Sulgrave Parish register), son of Richard and Mary Beal.

3)- Richard Beal married Mary Midlemore 26 Dec 1697 at Moreton Pinkney, Northamptonshire, England (LDS records).
Moreton Pinkney is approx three miles from Sulgrave.

4)- In 1768, my ancestor George Beale (on a deed) claimed he was "late of the island of Jamaica". (this never made sense to me because at the time-1768- ancestor George Beale was living on St Croix).

5)- William Cash of London may have been related to the Cash family that moved to Maryland. Some Jamaica connections appear in this same Cash family.

6)- An internet friend from the UK has researched the Atherstone Beales. He starts with a Dorothy Middlemore (born 1615) who married ca 1635 Richard Beale(or Thomas Beale) of Nuneaton, Warwick. Dorothy Middlemore had a brother Robert Middlemore who had a house in Thornby, Northamptonshire in 1660. Thornby is near Sulgrave & Moreton Pinkney.

This internet friend has located a male Beale (descended from the Atherstone Beales) who may be willing to do DNA testing.


1)- Mary, the mother of George Beal bapt 1713 in Sulgrave--was she the Mary Midlemore who married Richard Beal in Moreton Pinkney in 1697? Evan has ordered LDS microfisches and films to try to answer this question (due Dec 1st).

2)- Was Richard Beal father of George Beal born 1713 related to the Richard/Thomas Beale who married Dorothy Middlemore (b 1615)--the Atherstone Beales? Hopefully the LDS tapes will help us here.

3)- The George Bealle born Sulgrave in 1713 (who did a seven year indenture in Jamaica), was he my ancestor who claimed he was from Jamaica in 1768, and died St Croix 1769?

If DNA from the Atherstone Beales matches the DNA from the St Croix Beales--mystery is solved!!!