1762- 23 April baptized GEORGIUS BEALE son of GEORGII & SARAE (sic?) BEALE, born 30 Oct 1761, susceptrix Maria Caher, Lincoln’s Inn Fields Chapel (RC), London. This is the same Catholic Chapel that Nich. Tuite (1746,1760), Matthaeus Farrell (1772), & Arthurus Bignell (1771) were invoved in baptisms. (possibly my ancestor)
1776-1783 a Beel boy attended Liege Academy (a school for Catholic boys age 12 & up), Belgium, along with Nicholas Bignall (son of GB’s exor), Peter Cauvanne (John Beales exor), Tuites, Ferrall, Thos Kirwan’s son Patrick, etc. Later records state this was John Beale. (10/14/93 BC, 11/8/93 BC-Wiltshire conn file) Could this student be ancestor George ??? John in Phila @ the time, & he too old. Family tradition has George being educated in France (PA Genea Mag file)
1784- GEORGE BEALE II living Newport News / Norfolk area.Signs letter of attorney ref PA land (see earlier)
1785-GB II buys lot London st, Portsmouth, VA from Wm Cannon.
1787- GB II sells lot above to John Beale
1788- GB II master Sloop FANNY-35 tons-John Beale sole owner
1789- GB II mar Mary Dixon, dau Thos & Sarah Tucker Dixon of Eliz Co,VA (was this Dixon family related to Dixons of Chester Co, PA ? The PA GAZETTE states 6 June 1763 Ship SARAH, Thomas Dixon, Master to sail from Phila for York River VA-Willing & Morris Co... On 9 Sep 1763, lot in Phila owned by Thos Dixon advertised...on 30 July 1767, letter in PO for Thos Dixon of Phila)
1798- John Beale of bor. of Norfolk buys slave “Old Peggy” plus other slaves, sells them back a day later
(see M)
1790- Robt, 1st of 8 kids born
1790- GB II commissioned Capt of militia.
1792- son GB III born
1798- Mother in law Sarah Dixon dies, mentions daus Polly Beal & Betsy Anderson ( wife of Maj Wm Anderson, native of VA)
1799- GB II & wife Mary sign indenture w. Thos Clarke
1800- Maj Wm Anderson & wife Eliz Dixon buy estate Greenbank in Chester, PA (Is this because wife’s family from the area?) Their dau Evelina mar ca 1808 David Porter (officer on CONSTELLATION under Commo Truxtun).Their son Wm D Porter (1809-1864) mar Eliz Ann Beale (b 1818), dau of GB II by 2nd wife (see below)
1803- John Beale of bor. of Norfolk buys land (this can’t be GB II’s bro John because he died St. Croix 21 June 1802 -see K)
1803- Thos Tingey (uncle of GB II ) writes John Kelly, bro in law of GB II saying “ I find Geo is yet with you in Phila,..give our loves to his good wife (Mary Dixon) whom I shall ever esteem...what is he going to do?”
1804- GB II & wife Mary of bor.of Norfolk sell house 95 Brewer St
1809- GB II moves to DC from Norfolk
1809- GB II master of Brig in Norfolk / DC area
1809- GB II adjusting account of Brig WILLIAM
1810- GB II established a cut nail factory in DC & imported coal from Richmond for the retail trade.
1815- Tingey writes Kelly that GB II “is ever so versatile, and unsteady, that little reliance is to be placed on the time in which his motions are to take place, I was therefore unprepared at the time of his departure...”
1816- Wm Anderson & wife Eliz give Greenbank to David Porter for $1.00
1816- Tingey writes Kelly that GB II leaving for Phila & NY, taking 2 kids with him, “but one or both are to remain at Chester, until his return homeward “ GB III has bought a farm adjoining (Navy Yard-DC), he & GB II are making arrangements for a large crop of corn ..
1817- GB II married 2nd Eliz. Lane Bowie, widow of Capt Eversfield Bowie. She born 1780, dau Capt Lane & wife Barbara Brook Lane. Their dau Eliz Ann Beale b 1818 mar Cdr Wm D Porter, USN of Greenbank (see above)
1817- Tingey writes Kelly “we have indeed much to be thankful for, in having so favorably escaped the ravages made by the malignant disorders which have lately attached so severely our southern brethren-Geo Beale since his return, with his “Dear Eliza” (new wife Eliz Bowie) has been busy, as such an industrious might as himself, can be:- bargaining, assorting, selling & laying plans, for future beneficial business, nor does his mind want resource, in time of need- nevertheless,I always thought- and think so still that, he knows much better how to make money, than ever he knew how to keep it”
1819- GB II’s son GB III marries Commo Truxtun’s dau Emily, they live in DC
1823- 9 Dec GB II dies @ the DC residence of his son GB III. Newspaper says GB II formerly of Norfolk, aged about 65 yrs. This would suggest GB II born ca 1758.
1824- 16 Dec date of death of GB II on gravestone in Congressional Cemetery erected by his dau in law Emily Truxtun Beale- states GB II in the 61st year of his age. This would suggest GB II born ca 1764. Obviously, the death date is wrong on the gravestone, as the newspaper announced his death on 9 Dec 1823. If Emily was correct on his age @ death, this would suggest a 1763 birth for GB II.
Catholic records show possible ancestor GB II born 30 Oct 1761(see earlier).