Note will does not mention any wife or children. Also, John does not mention brother George in his will !

Capt Thomas Tingey (1750-1829) married in 1777 Margaret Murdoch (1750-1807), younger sister by 15 years of Mary Beale (GB’s Wife). Married by minister of Episcopal Church, Xsted,” at the house of Mr. Beale.” ( probably @ JB’s house on SION HILL plantation.)
JB’s niece Peggy Tingey born St Croix 27 Sep 1782.
JB’s sister Mary Beale married Capt John Kelly (1744-1821), Kelly buried @ St Mary’s RC Churchyard, Phila. Mary died prior 1796.
Peter Canvane was the son of Dr Peter Canvane of London, who married a Ryan. Dr Peter was the brother in law of John Baker, Barrister. Baker owned Plantation CONCORDIA.
Cornelius Hunt was the son of John Hunt, who married Russell Osborne 1781 on St. Croix. Russell Osborne was the dau of George Lucas Osborne. ( Riche correspondent)
John Fenno was sponsor at the 1802 wedding of Russell Osborn Hunt, son of John Salmon Hunt
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Key John Beale dates:
1756, 27 December- JB born ( PA Genea Mag file )
1769, November- JB in England (GB will )
1775- JB manager of John Bradshaw’s plantation SION HILL
1776-1781- lived in New Garden, PA--served in New Garden Militia during Revo War, along with Isaac Barnes & James White.
1779- Living Chester Co,PA-appointed attorney by mother
1783- JB sold part or all of farm
1785- JB was a grocer on Water St, Phila (near John Kelly, bro-in-law)
1785- JB appeared in St Josephs Catholic church records
1790- JB lived on Dock St, Phila with wife & child (?)
1791- JB managed Thos Bradshaw’s plantation CARLETON
1793-1797- JB managed Thos Bradshaw’s plantation SION HILL
1798- JB managed Samuel Foster’s plantation CONCORDIA
1802- JB owns house @ 29 Company St, Christiansted prior his death.
1802- JB dies 21 June @ age 45
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