Thomas Livezey IN ST. CROIX 1754---Thos. Riche letter book (Phila II 1991 file--Sands notes).Thomas’s son Thomas shipped flour to the West Indies--his good friend was Joseph Galloway- (New Lower Dub clip p 3) See D- Joseph Garroway a neighbor of Thos Riche. Livezey a Quaker.
John Robbins cattle dealer, son Hon. John Robbins, member of Congress (11/19/92-Harvard-Oxford 92 file). SAME ROBBINS FAMILY??? I believe Mary Robbins was a Quaker.


(Thomas Riche was a Phila slave trader.( see D) He had dealings with Captains Richard & James Beale in 1762-1763--they were involved in the trade. Key findings:
27 May 1760-James Ball / Bale sailing Schooner DOLPHIN from Phila to MD
1 Sep 1760- Thos Riche writes Mr Kortright of St Cr saying he heard Capt Bale had sold three Negroes under value in Chester.
Nov 1762- Riche writes that Capt Richard Beale sailing schooner DOLPHIN to Newcastle
16 Aug 1763- Riche writes Capt James Beale sailing Ship TYGER to Jamaica.
9 Feb 1764- Riche writes James Beale concerning a voyage Beale will take with Capt Francis Moore aboard the Brig AFRICA bound for Senegal, Africa.
20 Sep 1764- Just imported from Brig AFRICA- Francis Moore Master, from coast of Guinea, sold by Thos Riche in New Jersey-a few likely Negro men, etc
25 July 1765- Ship GRANBY- Jos Blewer, master. 70 Gold Coast slaves: Willing & Morris. to be sold in Duck Creek, DE by Thomas Murdoch ( GB’s brother in law)
13 Mar 1768- Osborn & White, St Cr , writes Tho Riche recd from Samuel Murdoch a Danish vessel. ( Samuel Murdoch GB’s bro-in-law & exor )
(above in 3 ring St Cr tab)
NOTE- NEWCASTLE (DE) DISTRICT NOTORIOUS AS A SMUGGLERS HAVEN PRIOR REVO WAR. RICHE MENTIONED REF BRIBING COLLECTOR @ NEW CASTLE. (see Hilltown Bucks file, Sands 1/3/91) ER- CHECK JOHN KIDD LETTER BOOK 1749-1763 AT HSP. The British Colonial Office Papers mention in 1765 that THO RICHE has made an illegal deal to supply the French Colony of Cayenne with provisions. In 1779 the British say “We have long suspected the agents for the Rebellious Americans residing at St Croix..” etc , etc.
Dr Thos Bond was one of the founders of PA Hospital. He a & his bro Dr Phineas were Quakers. Thos Bond a neighbor of Tho Riche- see D
Gervass Burgess owned land Chester Co.
Richard Taylor, Geo Appleby, Thos Knight all lived in same area of London as John Bradshaw & Nicholas Tuite ( Lime Street)