1)-Thos Riche ( Phila merchant & slave trader) & brother John in St Croix 1750s. Thos Riche & George Beale sign Basil Feast’s 1756 will - see I
2)-Robert Meade, father of George Meade (GB exor-see B), in St Croix@ his death 1754, his exor Mathew Farrell (same exor as GB)
3)-Matthias Ferrall’s step-son Abraham Markoe in Phila 1770 (see B)
4)-Townsend White (Phila merchant from Divizes, Co Wiltshire) married Ann Renaudet, their son James White in St Croix, a partner of the firm Osborn & White. Thos Riche wrote this firm in 1768 ref Saml Murdoch (GB exor-see B) & a Danish vessel. James White connected to 27 Strand St property Xsted where Mary Beale (wife of GB) lived in 1777 (see xx) Townsend White’s daughter Sarah married Moore Furman of Trenton area. Their son Adrian Furman in St Croix.
5)-George Lucas Osborn marries Jane Renaudet (sister of Ann above), one of their sons was Matthew Osborn, partner of firm Osborn & White (see above).Their daughter Russell Osborn married John Salmon Hunt of Boston, their son Cornelius Hunt was a witness in John Beale’s (son of GB) 1802 will (see K)
( data on Renaudet family on 9/26/93 NH chart in Wilt Conn-1993 fol)
6)-Adam Kuhn, MD marries Elizabeth Markoe in St Cr in 1780. A. Kuhn signs Mary Beale (widow GB) Ltr of attorney in Phila in 1779
7)-Patrick Byrne member St Mary’s RC church Phila with Mary Beale (widow GB) in 1787. He bought estate of Robt Meade’s friend Dr Brown near to Riche outside Phila in 17??. Patrick Byrne lived with Capt Richard Beale in F’sted in 1797-1798. (see xx)
8)-Dorcas Lillie, Quaker on St Cr circa 1772 counted among her flock Isaac Barnes of Trenton. Isaac & his brother Dr John Barnes lived in Fred’sted for many years. Isaac Barnes was in the New Garden, PA Militia with John Beale (son GB) & James White during the Revolution.-see K . (Dorcas Lillie data New Garden-1991 fol)