5/11/14 New Findings--James le Bel suggests he is related to Edward of Westminster and to Richard le Bel

James le Bel de Fermesham, of Westminster, co. Midd.--- shield of arms---three roses
dna#13 PD p. 31, 29
Birch- Catalogue of Seals-vol II p. 488---[Harl.ch.45 H.39] Temp Henry III---1216-1272

Translation of latin below:

first 11 lines):
"Know all present and future that I, James le Bel of Fermesham, for the
salvation of my soul [and those of] my ancestors and descendants, give,
grant and confirm by this present charter to God and the church of Saint
Mary and Saint Thomas the Martyr of Newstead and the canons serving God in
that place and serving forever, in free, pure and perpetual alms all of
whatever is rendered to me and my heirs from lands, possessions and houses
which I have or might have in the town of Westminster, to grant charitable
payment [literally a pittance] to the said canons on the day of my
anniversary, viz., from the house of dominus Edward of Westminster 12 pence
annually paid at Easter, from the house of Roger Wombe 2 shillings paid
annually at Easter and 2 shillings at Michaelmas, and from the house of
Jordan Foberd 2 shillings annually at the same dates, with all escheats
belonging to the said tenements, to have and to hold all the said income
from the lands, possessions, houses, liberties and all other pertinences
without any come-back from me and my heirs, to the said canons and their
church of Newstead freely, quietly, well and in peace and in free and
perpetual gift forever, whatever is [due] to me and my heirs forever, being
22 pence paid annually at the four principal quarter-days of the year at
the storehouse (cellarium) of Westminster, viz., 5 pence halfpenny at the
feast of Michaelmas, 5 pence halfpenny at Christmas, 5 pence halfpenny at
Easter, and 5 pence halfpenny at the feast of St John the Baptist, and
twopence to almonry of the said house at the said four dates of the year,
for all services, customs, court rulings and all other secular demands."
(last 5 lines):
"And I the said James and
my heirs confirm [or warrant: "warantizabimus"] the said total [to be]
transferred, with all escheats and all their other relevant matters, to the
said canons and their church as a free and perpetual gift against all
[claims of] men and women, both Jews and Christians forever. And so that I
grant this my gift and as a confirmation of my present charter being
ratified forever by the strongest authority, I have placed my seal on the
present document. These being witnesses: Sir Edward of Westminster, Ralph
le Porter, Ralph Somer, Gervase of Sneleslinche, Peter of Bidun, Peter of
Monee, William Parker of Farnham, William le Macun, Richard le Bel, Roger
Wombe, and many others."

(Translator's comment concerning relationships):
It does not say whether Richard le Bel was related to the grantor, but,
since the grant is in the name of himself and his heirs, it seems likely.
The residents of the tenements, I am pleased to see, have obviously been
informed of a change of landlord. The reference to Jews is interesting, and
clearly dates the transaction to before their expulsion from England in

Evan notes that Edward I was a le Bel, he was called Dominus Edward (see book link below, agrees with above) , he was affiliated with Aymer Lusignan, as was James le Bel.
This latin text suggests that Edward of Westminster, James le Bel, Richard le Bel, and Ralph Somer may all be related.
The following book on Edward is very informative:

Latin Text: