1754- 21 Mar, Wm Baker, Solicitor General of the Leeward Islands, owner of plantations on St Croix, has a diary entry in which he sends “ a cask of beer to Mr Beale.” Baker married a Roman Catholic, and was a close friend of Nicholas Tuite. Was this George Beale??? (3 ring- St Croix)
1764- John (sic?) Beal from Bradshaw’s plantation mentioned on Strand St, Xsted. I believe this is George Beale who is at John Bradshaw’s plantation SION HILL 1765 until his death in 1769. (matricals )
1780- 29 April, Jacob & William Beale (twins) christened @ Anglican Church, Xsted, sons of Charles & Mary Beale
1782- 28 Nov, Charles Beale christened same church, same parents ( St Croix fol marked Larson fm Pop)
1783- Charles Beale died St Croix.(Knudby, 26 Dec 1989-Denmark file)
1785- 31 Dec- Probate Court, town of Xsted, Charles Beale- heirs widow, a dau Johanna, 3 sons Jacob, William & Charles (Hodges-Beale of VA,p.131)
1795- Wm Beale living @ home Wm Owen, John Rayn & John Narrons
1797- 28 Jan-Johanna Beale marries Wm Owen Jr. @ Dutch Reformed Church, Xsted (Findings ST Croix 96 fol)
1797-1798- Capt Richard Beale lived Fredericksted with Patrick Byrne (see J)
1798- James Beale managed John Heyliger Burt’s plant
1799- William Beale managed John Heyliger’s plant
1799- Capt Richard Beale lived F’sted with Richard Foster
1800-1802- Wm Beale managed Thos Geise’s plant ( Thos Geise good friend & exor John Beale’s 1802 will -see K)
1801- 2 May, son of Wm & Johanna Owen bapt Anglican Church, wits Wm & Eliz Rayn, Joseph Howell, Daniel Nicholson, Eliz White (Ang Rec Prince #52- 1995 fol)
1803- Charles Beale living @ house of Wm Rayn in Xsted
1803- Wm Beale managed plant of Saml Newton & Robert Fouset
1804- Charles Beale managed plantation of Gilbert Woodard ( G. Woodard witness John Beale’s 1802 will- see K)
1805- Wm Beale managed plant John Sheriff
1805- Charles Beale managed John Meyer’s Plantation
1806- Wm Beale managed plant of Saml Newton & Robert Thompson
1806- Charles Beale managed J. Abrahams/Schimmelman plant
1807- 20 Dec, dau of Wm & Johanna Owen bapt Anglican Church, wits Geo L. Howell, Capt Saml & Ann Tatum, Mrs Alec Tatum, Mrs Rebecca Paul
1812- Richard Beale owed John Connor money ( Knudby, 12 Feb. 1990)-Connor was co-manager with John Beale in 1798 @ Saml Foster’s plant CONCORDIA (see K)
1814- A. Beale managed R. Thompson’s plant -(Alexander Beale ???)
1816-Charles Beale managed T.P.Gerrard / John Campbell Plant
1814-1819- Wm Beale managed plant of John Cooper
1820- Wm Beale managed plant of J & J Cumming
1826-10 Oct, Wm Beal died @ age 44 (Knudby,26 Dec. 1989)