4/25/13 NEW FINDINGS---see red below--

My first visited to Frensham Manor Beale in Frensham, Surrey, England was 6/14/02.
I visited there because research indicated that Quaker George Beale had owned part of Frensham Manor Beale ca 1700, and had also bought 3,000 acres of land in Bucks County, PA (see details George Beale findings as of Feb 13, 2003 in Scenario 3- ENGLAND TO PENNSYLVANIA, under P--VARIOUS SCENARIOS).

2002 photos of gate and manor house Frensham Manor Beale:

My researcher in England discovered Frensham Manor Beale was owned by Robert Beale (1541-1601)
of Mary Queen of Scots fame (see "New find 12/1/12"). Research indicates the Manor House shown above possibly may have been built by Robert Beale ca 1570. (pd17, pd18, 10)

The manor of Frensham Beale was a possession of the le Bel, Bele or Beale family, originally held of the manor of Farnham, and covering a large area from Binsted, Hants, to Elstead and Thursley (VCH Vol II, p.609). It was held by the Beale family until the end of the 16th century. (16)

First Manor owner was Knight Templar James le Bel
Frensham Beale was first bought by James le Bel in 1241. (27)
James Le Bel de Fermesham (during time of Henry III 1207-1272) left a wax seal--see my 10/14/12 find.
James le Bel was listed among the Templars in England. (21)
Jacobus le Bel paid Knights Fees (pd13)

KNIGHTS OF THE FOURTEENTH CENTURY. — From original authorities in the British Museum.
From Chronicles of England, France and Spain and the Surrounding Countries, by Sir John Froissart. (17)

My grandfather and great-grandfather Beale in their Beale family research thought they were descended from Robert Beale (1561-1601). Grandmother made a needlepoint showing Beale family coat of arms that included Templar crosses.