circa 1250 Wax Seal has some similar components to 1734 Wax Seal--

James le Bel of Fermesham was a Knight Templar during the reign of Henry III (1207-1272). His coat of arms was described as "three roses" by Birch.
James Le Bel was the first owner of Manor Frensham Beale. Robert Beale (1541-1601) bought Frensham Manor Beale ca 1570. The Manor had been in the Beale family off and on for hundreds of years.
Here are two views of James le Bel's ca 1250 wax seal and my version of what I see (dotted lines are my guess). This shield of arms is described as "three roses" in Birch.
[ H.39] British Library---see British Library photos below:

Three roses in chief (3 Cinquefoils in chief), letters (?) below
Birch descibes "a shield of arms: three roses"



Below is the wax seal opposite John Beale's signature on his 1734 will. It is located at the Maryland Archives, PREROGATIVE COURT (Wills, Original), Box B, folder 30.

With the help of Lee Beale, I see a Crest: a Lion sejant (lion sitting), shield with three cinquefoils (flowers) in chief (in a row at the top of the shield). Here is my drawing of what I see:


I decided to focus on connections between my Beale family and earlier Maryland Beales.
I researched Barbara Brooke whose daughter married my ancestor George Beale II in 1817. Her granddaughter married Robert Beale (son of George) in 1827.
I found distant connections between Barbara Brooke and the St Mary's Thomas Beale 1639-1713 family. I also found distant connections between Barbara Brooke and the Charles County Maryland Beale family (my DNA match).

Was Thomas Beale 1639-1713 related to my DNA match Thomas Beale 1700-1777 ?
I have ordered a copy of the coat of arms on the John Beale 1734 will (SEE ABOVE). John is the son of Thos 1639-1713. Hopefully this coat of arms will lead to an English Beale family, where we can possibly conduct a DNA test to see if we match.

Here is data I previously found on Thos Beale 1639-1713 and his son John--click below:

More data on these two discoveries:
1)- Barbara Brooke's family had some distant connections with the St Mary's Co Maryland Thomas Beale 1639 -1713 and his son John Beale d. 1734.
(See backup 1 below)
2)- Barbara Brooke's family had some distant connections with the Beale's of Charles County (my DNA match).
(see backup 2 below)

Backup 1--
a)- Barbara's husband's great great grandmother was related to Richard Bennett 1663-1749. John Beale d 1734 named Richard Bennett in his will. We note that James Tuite managed part of Bennetts business. This Tuite was the nephew to the Tuites that employed ancestor George Beale in St Croix 1765-1769.
b)- Barbara's great great grandmother was mentioned in Robert Lee's 1687 will. Lee's daughter married Thomas Beale 1639-1713.
c)- Barbara's cousin John Beale Weems married into the John Beale d 1734 family (which he was named after).
d)- Barbara's great great uncle Robert Brooke (Catholic priest) confirmed a slave of Thomas Beale 1639-1713.

Backup 2--
a)- Barbara married (3rd husband) Benjamin Berry d. 1827 in 1815. We note a Benjamin Berry in the 1775 Port Tobacco Charles County census, and also neighbor Charles Beale (son of Thomas Beale my DNA match).
b)- Benj Berry's son Benjamin married Barbara's daughter. Ancestor George Beale II had married another of Barbara's daughter's in 1817. George Beales wife and Benjamin Berry's wife were sisters.
George's son (by a previous marriage) Robert Beale married in 1827 Barbara's granddaughter. Benjamin Berry had some major real estate dealings with this Robert Beale.
c)- Barbara's husband's grandfather married Sarah Harrison. Sarah's brother was a judge in Charles Co who presided over a Beale (DNA match) case. Sarah's nephew Wm D. Harrison was a witness to (DNA match) Beale's Charles Co land transaction.