1)- THOMAS and MARY BEALE, the children of JAMES BEALE in 1604---Middleton Cheney (5.0 miles from Sulgrave)-(see footnote 4D)
2)- JAMES BEALE b. 1623, THOMAS BEALE b. 1618, 1619 & 1623--Banbury (8.2 miles from Sulgave)- (see footnote 4B)

3)- LAURANCE WASHINGTON from Sulgrave Manor mentions THOMAS BEALE from Yarkhill, Herefordshire (85.3 miles from Sulgrave) in 1632--- (see footnote 4C).
4)- George Beale (born 1713)- family from Sulgrave- (see footnote 1)

JOANNE SPRIGG from a family who lived in Banbury just 8 miles from Sulgrave moved to Maryland and married ca 1674 John Beale (d 1677)--(see footnote 9)

WILLIAM PENN lives in Sulgrave area in 1604. His friend is THOMAS BEALE. My DNA match names his son WILLIAM PENN BEALE-- (see footnote 4D)

GEORGE BEALE was born 1713 in Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England (see footnote 1) and as a young man moved to London.

He met WILLIAM CASH, London silkthrower, and agreed to an indenture to Jamaica for 7 years dated August 5th,1730 (see footnote 2)..

For reasons unclear, George Beale did not take the Jamaica trip because later the same year we find George Beale working as
a waterboy on the Thames River. Beale got crosswise to the law when he and another waterboy stole some buttons off a coat and sold them at CHORMLEY's brewhouse in London (November 9th, 1730). Beale was caught, imprisoned, tried and transported to Maryland in January 1731 (see footnote 3).

The 1727 will of RICHARD BEALE of London (proved April 1731) left Richard Beale's estate to LEWIN CHOLMLEY, brewer. My theory is that George Beale (waterboy) took the stolen buttons to Chormley's brewhouse, owned by LEWIN CHOLMLEY, because his relative Richard Beale was a close friend of Cholmley.
Richard Beale in his will states he was the surgeon on the Royal Yacht CAROLINE. Richard Beale names a witness CHARLES PHILPOTT. (see footnote 4).

Surgeon Richard Beale had Maryland connections through his witness CHARLES PHILPOTT who lived in Maryland (see footnote 4E ). We note Charles Philpott's father EDWARD PHILPOTT (1597-1679) married Eleanor Bayne (b. 1648), who would later marry John Beale (1675-1751) of Maryland (see footnote 4F). John Beale (1675-1751) is the son of John Beale d 1677, and he owned the Charles County estate DURHAM inherited from his wife Eleanor Bayne (see footnote 4G). Thomas Beale (1700-1777) of Charles Co (my DNA match) lived in Charles CO nearby (see footnote 19).

Edward Phillpott, William Penn, John Beale and Thomas Beale (1700-1777)--my DNA match-- all lived in Charles CO MD (see footnote 19).

My theory is that Richard Beale Royal Navy surgeon was related to George Beale, waterboy.
My theory is that George Beale (waterboy) took the stolen buttons to Chormley's brewhouse, owned by LEWIN CHOLMLEY, because his relative Richard Beale was a close friend of Cholmley.
My theory is that George Beale (London waterboy) was born in Sulgrave, England
My theory is that George Beale (born Sulgrave/London waterboy) was my ancestor who died St Croix in 1769.
My theory is that George Beale from Sulgrave/London waterboy already had relatives alive (John Beale 1675-1751) in Maryland when GB was transported in 1731.

Sulgrave connection--nearby Sulgrave resident Joanne Sprigg married John Beale (d 1677)- (see footnotes 8&9).
London connection---Charles Philpott's grandfather Edward Philpott was the
husband of Eleanor Bayne (b. 1648) (footnote 4F). Her fourth husband was John Beale (1675-1751), son of John Beale (d. 1677) (footnote 4F). John Beale (1675-1751) was living on the Maryland estate inherited from his wife's Bayne family (footnote 4G). This estate (Durham) was in Charles County, near to my DNA match Thomas Beale (1700-1777). (see footnote 19)

1)-Beale family starts early 1600's in Sulgrave area.
2)- John Beale (d 1677) from Sulgrave area had a son Richard Beale ( d. 1731-Royal Navy surgeon)
3)- Mid 1600's Sulgrave area Beales migrate to Maryland---John Beale (d 1677) migrated from Sulgrave to Maryland and married Sulgrave area native Joanne Sprigg.
4)- Eleanor Bayne, the grandmother of Richard Beale's friend Charles Philpott, married John Beale (1675-1751), son of John Beale (d.1677).
5)- Thomas Beale (1700-1777) -my DNA match- migated to Maryland and lived near John Beale (1675-1751).
6)- George Beale born Sulgrave 1713 migrated to London ca 1730 and spent time with his relative Richard Beale, surgeon. In 1731 George was transported to Maryland.


1)- 1657- JOHN WASHINGTON moved from his large Sulgrave estate to Virginia (see footnote 5). Some of his VA properties (Mt. Vernon) were across the Potomac from Charles Co. MD (see footnote 6). In Sulgrave papers, Laurence Washington (father of John) mentions a THOMAS BEALE living in a town 85 miles from Sulgrave (see footnote 4C).
2)- 1631--JOANNE SPRIGG's parents were from Banbury, she moved to Calvert, MD (see footnote 8). Her fourth husband is JOHN BEALE (d. 1677), their son was JOHN BEALE (1675-1751) who died Charles Co. MD (see footnote 9).
3)- 1604--WILLIAM PENN living 5 miles from Sulgrave moved to Charles CO MD (see footnote 4D). I believe this family intermarried the THOMAS BEALE (1700-1777) family of Charles CO MD (my DNA match). One Beale named their son WILLIAM PENN BEALE (see footnote 4D).
4)- 1659-Col. JOHN WASHINGTON visited Resurrection Manor, the Calvert CO, owned by George Reade, (see footnote 12), second husband of JOANNE SPRIGG (who married John Beale) (see footnote 12).

1)- George Beale is transported London to Maryland in 1731 (see footnote 3).
2)- Witness to London Surgeon Richard Beale's 1727 will was CHARLES PHILPOTT (see footnote 4), son of EDWARD PHILPOTT (see footnote 16). Edward was the first husband of ELEANOR BAYNE (see footnote 17). Eleanor Bayne's 4th husband was JOHN BEALE (1675-1751) of Charles Co. Maryland (see footnote 18).

1)- 1642-1753---Those living Charles CO include John Beale (1675-1751), Thomas Beale (1700-1777) my DNA match, and Edward Philpott (see footnote 19).
2)- WILLIAM STONE, the father of JOHN STONE, second husband of Joanne Sprigg (who married John Beale d 1677), was born in Northampton, Northamptonshire, 24.2 miles from Sulgrave. John Stone died 1698 at his estate Poynton Manor in Charles CO, MD (see footnote 19A).
2)- 1692-WILLIAM CASH (may be ancestor of William Cash London silkthrower) linked to property adjacent to Poynton Manor in Charles CO, MD (see footnote 20).
3)- John Beale (1675-1751) was originally from Resurrection 100 MD (see footnote 21). We note many of the Sothoron family and the Forbes family living in Resurrection 100 ca 1700 (see footnote 22). Robert Beale (1798-1866), grandson of ancestor George Beale (died St Croix 1969), married into the Forbes family in 1829 (see footnote 23), and joined a Sothoron in a legal scuffle with the Forbes family.



Footnote 1
At LDS Lynnfield, MA---Microfilm GS#1966244 (Sulgrave parish) ---
Here are findings for Sulgrave parish from the microfilm--starts ca 1700, ends 1813:
1)- 1707--Richard son of Richard Beal baptised 21 Sep 1707
2)- 1710--John son of Richard Beal & Mary his wife bapt 26 Oct 1710
3)- 1711--John son of Richard Beal buried nov 12, 1711
4)- 1713--George son of Richard Beal bapt 29 Feb 1713
5)- 1715--Elizabeth Beale ? bur 28 Mar 1713
6)- 1718--Elizabeth dau Richard Beal & Mary wife bapt 19 Oct 1718
7)- 1719?--Mary wife of Richard Beal bur 8 Mar 1719?
8)- 1719?--Anne Beal? & Edward Taylor mar 4 June 1719?
9)- 1719---Elizabeth dau of Richard Beal bur 19 Apr 1719
10)- 1720?--Edward Beal & Mary Capitbeth of parish Sulgrave mar 15 Jun 1720?
11)- 1722--Richard son of Richard Beal bur 10 Jan 1722
12)- 1723--Sarah dau Richard Beal and wife Elizabeth bapt 28 Jul 1723
13)- 1724--Richard son of Richard Beall and wife Elizabeth bapt 27 dec 1724
14)- 1742--Richard Beal bur 26 Apr 1742
15)- 1750--Mary Beal bur 14 Jan 1750
16)- 1753--Edward Beal & Mary Grubb mar 29 Apr 1753 by banns.
17)- 1759--Mary Beal bur.
18)- 1763--Edward Lord (batchelor) and Sarah Beal (spinster) both of this parish were mar in church by banns 14 Feb 1763
19)--1764--Edward Beal bur 27 June 1764
20)- 1779--Thomas Beal bur 3 March 1779
21)- 1783--Mary Beal bur 20 June 1783I checked following at LDS--FISCHE 6128109--Moreton Pinkney 1641-1724
1)- 1697 Richard Beal of the parish of Sulgrave and Mary Midlemoore were married 26? December 1697.
(I conclude Richard was from Sulgrave, Mary was not. Next wedding at MP states "Wm Moore & Mary Cook both of parish of Sulgrave were married--")
2)- ca 1697??--Christened--William son of John Beals by Ann his wife.
LDS FISCHE 6128988---Sulgrave 1688-1732
(I had searched FILM back to 1707-- Now on FISCHE I go further back--
1)- 1703--John son of Richard Beal buried 23 July 1703
2)- 1703--John son of Richard Beal baptized 23 May 1703
3)- 1701--William son of Richard Beal bapt 14 June 1701
4)- 1698--Constance Beal buried 28 Aug 1698
5)- 1698--Edward son of Richard Beal bapt 12 Feb 1698
6)- 1696--Gloria dau of Edward Beale buried 9 Nov 1696
7)- 1670--Richard son of Edward Beale & Constance his wife baptized 8 April 1670.

Footnote 2
The 1730 bond signed by George Beale for a 7 year indenture in Jamaica was found in record # 174 CLRO:ATSM/65 in London Metropolitan Archives
Servant Information------George Bealle
Place of Origin: Stillingrave, Northants
Age: 17
Agent Information------- William Cash, silk thrower
Place of Origin: London
Date of Indenture: August 5 1730
Indenture Length: 7 years:
Destination: Jamaica

Footnote 3
THE PROCEEDINGS AT THE Sessions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, FOR THE City of LONDON, AND County of MIDDLESEX; ON Wednesday the 24th, and Thursday the 25th of February 1731, in the Fourth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.
Being the Third SESSIONS in the Mayoralty of the Right Honourable HUMPHREY PARSONS , Esq; Lord Mayor of the City of LONDON, in the Year 1731.
Reference Number: t17310224-31
Malachy Southy and George Beal , were indicted for feloniously stealing a Water-Man's Silver Badge, Value 7 l. and twelve Silver Buttons, Value 20 s. the Property of the Lady Falconbridge , in the Custody of George Abraham's , the 9th of November last.
The Prosecutor depos'd, That he being a Waterman to the Lady Falconbridge, wore her Badge, and he being dressing his Boat, having pulled off his Coat, had laid it by upon another Boat; and that the Prisoners who were Watermen's Boys (as he afterwards was inform'd) took the Coat, and carrying it away in a Boat, cut off the Badge and Buttons, and threw the Coat into the Thames.
- Henry depos'd, That the Prisoners and himself seeing the Coat hang on a Boat, did take it, and carry'd it to Cholmley's Brewhouse in a Boat, cut off the Badge and Buttons, threw the Coat into the River, and sold the Badge and Buttons to Katherine Collins (who is since run away) for 32 s. the Badge was produc'd in Court, and sworn to by the Prosecutor.
The Prisoners having nothing material to say in their Defence, but that they found the Coat; and the Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found them both Guilty of the Indictment.
Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 24th February 1731.
Reference Number: s17310224-1
The Trials being ended, the Court proceeded to give Judgement, as follows:
Transportation 30.
John Allwright , George Beal , E - C - Sarah Birchenough , Thomas Boston , alias Wilmot, Jane Carney , Alice Day , Elizabeth Deacon , Susannah Diamond , Charles Eaton , John Ellis , Joseph Fieldhouse , Charles Gilbert , Joseph Hall, Mary Heskew , alias Astew, alias King, John Hilton , William Marshal , Thomas Nevil , Andrew Noland , Barnaby Perry , Thomas Purtel , William Ryland , Thomas Shippy , Malachy Southy , Anne Thompson , Mary Watson , Edward Wheeler , John Whitton , Thomas Wilmer , and Mary Woodhouse .
George Beale from Middlesex, London was transported in Mar 1731 aboard the PATAPSCO, Captain Darby Lux, arrived Annapolis June 1731.

Footnote 4
I found PCC wills 1731 onwards the 8 Aug 1727 will of Richard Beale Surgeon of H.M. Yacht the Carolina. Residue to Lewin Cholmley of London, brewer, to be sole executor. Charles Philpott was a witness.
21 May 1731 Admin to Richard Beale nephew by the brother and next of kin of Richard Beale late naval surgeon of the King's Yacht Carolina but deceased in the parish of St Dunstan in the East London, for that Lewen Cholmley executor and residuary legatee, died in the lifetime of the testator.
111 Iaham PROB 11/644/108b

Footnote 4B
JAMES BEALE-- Male Baptisms 23 NOV 1623 Banbury, Oxford, England,United Kingdom
THOMAS BEALE--Male Baptisms 16 JUN 1618 Banbury, Oxford, England,United Kingdom
THOMAS BEALE--Male Baptisms 03 AUG 1619 Banbury, Oxford, England,United Kingdom
THOMAS BEALE--Male Baptisms 23 NOV 1623 Banbury, Oxford, England,United Kingdom
(Banbury is 8.2 miles from Sulgrave)

Footnote 4C
Essex. Purleigh. R. Laurentius Washington clic comp pro p r mittis
Rcorie pred ext. ad xxv decia hide I s . Obliganf dctus Laurentius, Thomas
Beale de Yarkhill in Com Hereff gen et Willus Smith pochie bt;e Marie
de la Savoy Iuholder.
(Yarkhill is 85.3 miles from Sulgrave)
Rev. Lawrence Washington (1602–1653) was an English rector, and the great-great-grandfather of George Washington. Rev. Washington was born about 1602 in Sulgrave Manor, Northampton, England, and died about Jan 1652/53 in Little Braxted, Essex, England. His son--John Washington (c. 1631-1677) was an English Virginia planter and politician. He was the immigrant ancestor and great-grandfather of George Washington, first president of the United States of America

Footnote 4D
CHRISTIAN PENN OF MIDDLETON CHENEY 1604 (Middleton Cheney is 5 miles from Sulgrave)
to my son William Penn.
to Thomas and Mary Beale, the children of James Beale
signed Christian Penn her mark.
Probate granted October 1604.

1812 will of William Bealle in Columbus Co, GA (my DNA match)
Will of Wm. Bealle, recorded September 16, 1812:
Wife Nancy Bealle.
Son Jno. Bealle.
Daugllter Elizabeth Yarbrough.
Son Hezekiah Bealle.
Son Wm. Penn Bealle. (see above--Wm Penn from near Sulgrave)
Daughter Mary Simms.
Son Charles T. Bealle.

Footnote 4E
Charles PHILPOTT was born on 19 Feb 1698 in Charles Co., Maryland.11 In a
deposition dated August 20, 1753 he stated he "was 55 years old and the son of Edward
Philpott". He died before 12 Nov 1753 in Charles Co., Maryland. He died intestate.

Footnote 4F
Mary Louise Donnelly in her book "My Colonial Ancestors, Plus Others", says
Elinor Bayne was born around 1648 in Charles County, Md, the dau of Walter
Bayne 2 and Elinor___. She married first Edward Philpott. Edward Philpot
was the progenitor of those by this name found in Charles County, MD.
Elinor Bayne became the second wife of John Stone--had three children.
Elinor married thirdly her brother-in-law Hugh Teares, who was a widower (d
1699) and the husband of her deceased sister Edith. There were no children
by this short marriage.
Elinor Bayne married fourthly John Beale.

ELINOR BAYNE's 3rd HUSBAND HUGH TEARS left land to wife's grandson CHARLES PHILPOTT-
Hugh Teares, Nanjemy, Chas. Co., 23rd Jan 1699; 20th Feb 1699
To wife Ellinor, exts., and dau. Eliza:, entire estate real and personal.
In event of death of either survivor to inherit deceased's portion. Should
both die estate to pass as follows:---
Ann Bayne, Jr., and Ebsworth Bayne and their hrs., 300 A. Henry and Ruth
Hawkins, 300 A. Ellinor and Eliza: Stone, 300 A Charles and Edward PHILPOT,
Jr., 100 A. Certain personalty which belonged to dec'd wife is also
bequeathed to dau. Eliza: afsd. Overseers: Capt Jno Bayne, Maj. Jas
Smallwood, Jno Hawkins. Test Thos Smoot, Wm Deare, Nath'l Bosswell, Eliza:
Dutton. By codicil attached to afsd will, testator provides in event of
death of all forementioned devisees the estate gradually to pass as Glebe
land to the churche at Newport and Portobacco in King and Queens; Parish.

Edward Philpott (1597-1679) married Eleanor Bayne (1648-1701)-other husb. John Stone/Hugh Tears/John Beale
their son
Edward Philpott (1665-1718) married 1) Susanna Posey & 2) Elinor Hawkins/Tubman/Smallwood (1675-1724)
sons w. Posey
Edward Philpott b. 1687, Charles Philpott (1697-1753)

Footnote 4G
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 310-59: DURHAM: 400 acres; Possession of - 400 Acres - Beale, John: Surveyed 9 July 1674 for Elinor Bayne (Beane) in this lordships manor of PANGUYA on the West side of Port Tobacco fresh at a "bastard" black oak near an Indian path. {mm note, yes the spelling is correct} poss. by John Beale who married Stones Relict: Conveyance notes - 400 Acres - John Digges from Richard Beale; 19 Sept 1723 750 Acres - John Digges from Richard Beale; 19 Sept 1723, 400 Acres - John Beale from Richard Beale; 30 Oct 1724 750 Acres - John Beale from Richard Beale; 30 Oct 1724, 370 Acres - Daniel of St. Thomas Jennifer from John Beale; 28 Jan 1728, 100 Acres - John Beale Jr. from John Beale Sr. 1 Nov 1736, 275 Acres - John Beale Jr. from John Beale Sr. 22 Dec 1736,

Footnote 5
George Washington’s forefathers came from Sulgave Manor, near Banbury, in Oxfordshire, England near Northamptonshire, England [49]. John Washington, the first Washington to settle in the Virginia and Maryland area, arrived about 1657, shortly before Hugh French arrived in 1663.

Footnote 6
Mt Vernon VA is across the Potomac from Charles County, Maryland. The Beale farm in Waldorf, Charles County, MD is 13.7 miles east of Fort Washington, MD across from Mt Vernon, VA. See google maps.

Footnote 8
Name: Joanne Sprigg
1. THOMAS1 SPRIGG was born Abt. 1604 in Banbury, Northamptonshire, England, and died January 14, 1677/78 in London, England. Buried: London, England. He married KATHERINE GRIFFIN 1629 in Kethering, Northampton, England
2. i. THOMAS2 SPRIGG, b. 1630, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England; d. December 29, 1704, Resurrection Manor, Calvert, Prince George's Co., MD.
iv. JOANNE SPRIGG, b. 1644, Kethering, Northampton, England; m. (1) ROBERT TYLER; m. (2) JOHN BEALE. XXXX FIX
(Evan notes Banbury is 5.1 miles from Sulgrave, Kethering xx miles)

Footnote 9
Name: Joanne Sprigg
Marriage 1 Robert Tyler b: BEF 1643
Married: 29 JUN 1663 in Kent County, Maryland
Marriage 2 George Read b: 6 JAN 1613/14 in St. Andrew Holborn, Middlesex, England
Married: BEF 1664 in Calvert County, Maryland
Marriage 3 John Mounten b: AFT 1631
Married: 1669 in Calvert County, Maryland
Marriage 4 John Beale
Married: ABT 30 JUL 1674 in Calvert County, Maryland
John Beale b: 1675 in Calvert County, Maryland

Footnote 12
In 1651 Thomas Sprigg was living in Northampton County, VA, but by 1660-61 he had settled in Calvert County, MD, on or near "Resurrection Manor," and later at "Northampton," Prince George County.
One case of interest that occurred while Fendall was in office had to do with some unusual circumstances. On October 5, 1659, a Provincial Court met at “Resurrection Manor” in St. Mary's County, which was the house of Capt. George Reade, Sr. (d. 1669), to try Edward Prescott (d. 1662) for hanging a witch named Elizabeth Richardson (d. 1658). Fendall presided, and the charges were preferred by Col. John Washington (c. 1634–1677), an immigrant, and the great grandfather of Gen. George Washington (1732–1799). Washington charged that in 1658, Prescott, a merchant, had committed a felony while hanging Richardson, on his ship “Sea Horse of London” as it was bound from England on the high seas, en route to Maryland. Trial was set, Prescott proved that though he was owner of the ship, he was not master at the time. Therefore, he was acquitted because of the absence of Washington, who could not attend due to the baptism of his son.
Joane Reade, widow of George Reade, of Resurrection Manor, St. Marys
Co, Inventory and Accounts 1674, Vol. 1, folio 54, Land Office, Annapolis.
Joanne Sprigg---
Marriage 2 George Read b: 6 JAN 1613/14 in St. Andrew Holborn, Middlesex, England
Married: BEF 1664 in Calvert County, Maryland
Marriage 4 John Beale
Married: ABT 30 JUL 1674 in Calvert County, Maryland
John Beale b: 1675 in Calvert County, Maryland

Footnote 18
"Elinor Bayne became the second wife of John Stone--had three children. Elinor married thirdly her brother-in-law Hugh Teares, who was a widower (d 1699) and the husband of her deceased sister Edith. There were no children by this short marriage. ****[From their uncle Hugh Teares's estate Charles Philpot and Edward Philpot, Jr were to rec. 100 ac in Chas Co if their mother and first cousin Elizabeth Teares died (Will 11:189)] **** Elinor Bayne married fourthly John Beale."

Footnote 19
Land Records: Charles County Hundred Rent Rolls Tract Index (1642-1753): Charles Co., MD
COURTS PALACE- Philpott, Edward- Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary
DURHAM- Bayne, Elinor- Port Tobacco
DURHAM- Beale, John- Port Tobacco
DURHAM- Beale, John Jr.- Port Tobacco
DURHAM- Beale, John Sr.- Port Tobacco
DURHAM- Beale, Richard- Port Tobacco
FAULTERS BRANCH- Bayne, Walter- Port Tobacco
FONTOWNE (sp?)- Bayne, Elinor- Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary
FONTOWNE (sp?)- Bayne, Walter- Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary
FONTOWNE (sp?)- Penn, William- Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary
GRUBBS VENTURE- Bayne, Walter- Port Tobacco
DAVIS HAZARD- Bayne, John- Newport
1758-Thomas & William Beale (my DNA matches) living Port Tobacco Parish, West Side
Edward Philpott home was located in Charles County, Maryland on the North side of the Potomac River and West of Wiccomico River. Their home came to be known as "at the head of the Wiccomico River". Like names, this river also has several spellings (Wiackocomeko, Wiccomoco, etc.).

Footnote 19A
Gov. William Stone
b. 1603 Northampton, Northamptonshire, , England
d. 21 Dec 1660 Nangemy Parish, Charles County, Maryland
1st Marriage 1621 to Elizabeth Sprigg
2nd Marriage 1636 Charles, MD to Verlinda Graves
his son: John Stone
b.1647 Hungars Parrish, Accomack, Virginia, USA
d.10 Aug 1698 Poynton Manor, Charles, Maryland, USA
Eleanor Bayne was born 1665 in Charles County, Maryland, and died 11 NOV 1701 in Charles County, Maryland - Probate. She married John Stone 1682 in Charles County, Maryland, son of William Governor Stone and Verlinda Graves. He was born 1647 in Hungars Parrish, Accomack County, Virginia, and died 10 AUG 1698 in Poynton Manor, Charles County, Maryland - Probate.

Footnote 20
Page 140 Charles County Court; Land Records, Volume I I
Liber R, Page 432 1 Jul 1692; Indenture from William Cash and Rebeckah his wife of
Westmoreland County, Virginia, to Henry Key, planter, for a certain sum of tobacco; 25 acres
part of 100 acres called Dosey? Lane on possession of Thomas Maris at his decease, now in
possession of Henry Key, land belonging to daus. of Thomas Maris; /s/ William Cash (Mark),
Rebeckah Cash (Mark);
The 100 acres was purchased by Thomas MARIS from George LANGHAM on 2 Jan. 1670 as "Drury Lane" and had been laid out for Gerrard BROWN, and adjacent to Capt. Will. STONE Mannor called "Poyton." {E:7[a], FHL microfilm 0,013,747}
When it was sold by Henry KEY to John STONE on 3 July 1746 he sold 6 acres, part of a tract called "Drury Lane" adjacent to 'Pointon Manner." [Z No. 2:122, FHL microfilm 0,013,754]
1735-1743 King George County Deed Book 2 (Antient Press); pp 493-497
Indenture made 10th/11th June 1743 between JAMES JONES Hanover Parish King George County Bricklayer and HESTER JONES his wife of one part and JAMES CASH Parish Washington Westmoreland County Planter .. by deeds of lease & release .. for sum Eighty three pounds current money of Virginia sold 220 acres being land whereon WILLIAM OWEN now dwells being part in Westmoreland County Washington Parish & part in Hanover Parish King George County .. beginning at land of EDWARD ROACH in line between Roach and SAMUEL DISHMAN .. Road that goeth from Pecks to JOHN THOMAS being the Beginning tree of 320 acres formerly belonging to SEM COX .. crossing Hale's Road .. fine Cool Spring .. Run that runs into Upper Machotick Creek .. line of WILLIAM CASH ..
Presence Harry Turner, James Jones
Joseph Berry, John Wren Hester Jones
At a court held 2nd September 1743 .. Deeds of lease & release together with Receipt for consideration money recorded.
(William Cash in VA in 1743--was he London silkthrower?

Footnote 21
July 19, 1674. Came John Beale of Resurrection Hundred in Calvert County, Maryland, who married Joana, who was the relict of George Reade, late of the came place and county, and also the relict and executrix of Robert Tyler, late of the same place and county, and showed the Judge that the said Joana on July 30, 1674, and before the marriage with him, the said Jno. Beale, by the name of Joana Tyler, did make certain deed of trust of all her lands. etc., movables and immovables, unto Thomas Sprigg of Calvert County, Gent, and that the same day and before marriage the said John Beale entered into bond unto the said Thomas Sprigg in the sum of £500 sterling. The conditions being that whereas the said Jno. Beale shall shortly marry and take to wife Joana Tyler. widow of Robert Tyler, deceased, if he shall allow her to make her will and give and dispose of her lands, etc., this obligation then to be void.
[The Semmes and Allied Families, by Raphael T. Semmes, Baltimore, 1918.

Footnote 22
St. Mary's County Land Ownership: 1637-1800---very large number of Sothoron family living here over many years.
1711 Sothoron, Margaret-- Sothorons Desire-- Will, Sothoron, Sam'll,St. Mary's Co.6th Jan., 1711; 5th Feb., 1711--- Resurrection
There are many Forbes family members living in Resurrection during this time.

Footnote 23
Indenture of 17 August 1840 between John H. Sothoron & Samuel P. Webster of St. Mary's Co., MD; and George Forbes of same county. On 28 Dec 1832 Forbes by indentured mortgage for property called Rogues Neck, about 700 acres, recorded at AB#7:483-6, to secure payment of bonds from Forbes to Sothoron & Webster:
James Forbes vs. James T. & John H. Sothoron and Robert Beale & Elizabeth ux.
Elizabeth Jane Forbes (James Forbes5, John Forbes4, James Forbes3, John Forbes2, Robert Forbes1) was born 1808 in Maryland, and died 1859. She married Robert Beale 6 FEB 1829 in Washington, District of Columbia, son of George Beale and Mary Dixon. He was born 1798 in Virginia, and died 1866