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First DNA Test--a Match---In August 2008, we discovered a DNA match between my George Beale (kit # 123588, code 130) and with a William Beale (lost kit #, code 701) from Charles Co, MD.
See my DNA posting of 8/23/08 for details & family chart.
This William was thought to be the son of Thomas Beale (1700-1777). Thomas owned land called Carrot Bed in Charles Co, MD.

Second DNA Test----a Match---we discovered (11/25/09) the family of Robert Bealle (kit#-163864, code 702) of Waldorf, MD is also a match to George Beale (code 130) and William Beale (code 701). Both code 701 & code 702 share the same ancestor Thomas Beale (1700-1777).
Code 701 and code 702 only differ by one marker. George Beale differs by 2 markers from code 701, and 3 markers from 702 (out of approx 37 markers).
Since we know code 701 and code 702 share a common ancestor (Thomas Beale 1700-1777) and differ by one marker out of 37 markers, we can assume George Beale links to the same family also (differing by only 2 or 3 markers out of 37 markers).

Third DNA Test----no Match---7/14/10 Beale L conducted a DNA test (lost kit#, code 131), they appear related to William Beale b 1640 Tucley, Gloucestershire and Ross Herefordshire, England.

Fourth DNA Test----no Match---we discovered (July 17, 2010) that Beale (kit#-178140, code 136) descended from Jane Beale (died 1733) in St Marys County, MD are NOT related to neighboring Bealles of Charles Co, MD. See DNA Test data below for more details.

Fifth DNA Test----no Match per results 24 October 2010. We tested a Virginia Beale (kit#186822), descended from Thomas Beale who arrived VA in 1640. DNA does not support my grandfather's thesis that VA Beale was our family!

Sixth DNA Test---no Match we tested (July 21, 2012) a Beale (kit#- 239555) from the Sulgrave England area. No match with our Beale family.

Seventh DNA Test---a Match we had a 12 marker match (Sep 7, 2012) with Beal 105 (kit# 1222). He completed his 37 markers and matched on 34 out of 37 markers. I believe this Beal is an offspring of Thomas Beale 1700-1777.

Eighth DNA Test--no Match we tested (April 3, 2013) an Australian Beale (kit# 271284) that came from Ireland, he appears to be related to kit# 13362 John Beal b 1588 in Hingham, Norfolk Co, England.


Click here for DNA test that did not match--see 7/17/10 data
See Thomas Beale 1639-1713 who may be an ancestor (was he related to Thomas Beale 1700-1777?)