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1)- JOHN BEALE I (IMMIGRANT)---lived Resurrection Hundred Calvert Co, MD, died 1677 St Mary's County, MD. Married 1 Joanne Sprigg/Reade/Tyler (d. 1675):
July 19, 1674. Came John Beale of the Resurrection Hundred in Calvert
County, Md., who married Joane, who was the relict of George Reade, late of
the came place and county, and also the relict and extrix of Robert Tyler,
late of the same place and county, and showed the Judge here that the said
Joane on July 30, 1674, and before the marriage with him, the said Jno.
Beale, by the name of Joane Tyler, did make certain deeds of trust of all
her lands. etc., movables and immovables, unto Thomas Sprigg, of Calvert
County, Gent, and that the same day and before marriage the said John Beale
entered into bond unto the said Thomas Sprigg in the sum of £500 sterling.
The conditions being that whereas the said Jno. Beale shall shortly marry
and take to wife Joane Tyler. widow of Robert Tyler, deceased, shall allow
her to make her will and give and dispose of her lands, etc., this obli
gation then to be void.

The 1674 data above appears pg. 130 in The Semmes and Allied Families, by Raphael T. Semmes, Baltimore, 1918.
See later Semmes citation ref William Beale- same page 130 in Semmes book.
The Semmes family were Catholic (see below).

2)- JOHN BEALE II (born 1675 Calvert Co., lived on tract "Durham" in Port Tobacco Twp, CC, died 1751 Charles Co., MD). Married 1 in 1700 Eleanor Bayne/Stone/Tears (b. 1665), married 2 about 1718 the widow Johanna Catherine Crompton b. 1680.
BEALE, JOHN,, Charles Co. 1 Feb 1733
27 April 1751
To wife Johanna Beale and son John, tract an which I now live being a moiety of a tract called "Durham" Wife to have south side of a branch behind my old tobacco house during her life and son John to have that part on north side of branch during wife's life. And after her decease to have the whole tract. And for want of male Issue to male heirs of son Richard of Essex Co. Virginia,
To wife. Negroes Pompy and Durham.
To son Richard, cattle. Rest of estate to wife Johanna Chatherine Beale and son John. That son John look after the plantation or hands for his mother but If he should refuse then I request my friend Samuel Hanson to see the land divided,
Wife Johanna Catherine and son John exs,
Wit: Joshua Allford, William Theobald, John Ilewellinn, 28.74.

notes on "Durham":
1-Walter Bayne, father of Eleanor Bayne, was entitled to 750 acres, "Durham" because of the several English subjects that he brought with him under Conditions of Plantation.
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 310-59: DURHAM: 400 acres; Possession of - 400 Acres - Beale, John: Surveyed 9 July 1674 for Elinor Bayne (Beane) in this lordships manor of PANGUYA on the West side of Port Tobacco fresh at a "bastard" black oak near an Indian path. {mm note, yes the spelling is correct} poss. by John Beale who married Stones Relict:
...370 Acres - Daniel of St. Thomas Jennifer from John Beale; 28 Jan 1728...
This data concerns a lawsuit involving the Catholic Church (Carmel of Port Tobacco):
From the documents of the process we glean the following history of the Durham estate. It was owned, as early as 1663, by Walter Bayne, of Charles County, and contained 750 acres. He obtained in 1666 a grant for it from Cecilius, the Lord Proprietor. It passed to his infant daughter Eleanor.
During her minority it was surmised that said land lay in Panguiah Manor, that was reserved for his lordship's own use. Eleanor married John Beale, and had by him a son, Richard. After several suits in the courts concerning the property, its possession was finally assured to John Beale in 1719. Durham then contained 750 acres. About the year 1728 John Beale sold the half of Durham to Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, and in 1736 deeded 275 acres of it to his youngest son, John Beale. John Beale, Jr., left three daughters: Mary Turner, Eleanor Halkerson and Elizabeth Barnes.

The portion of the estate that had come into the hands of Daniel Jenifer, was sold by him in 1764 to Ignatius Baker Brooke, together with a tract of land called Beech Neck. Mr. Baker Brooke, having died intestate, his son and heir, Ignatius Baker Brooke, Jr., succeeded to the property, that was by him transferred to Rev. Chas. Neale.

George Beale II (son of George Beale d. 1769 St Croix) and his son Robert Beale both marry into the same wealthy Catholic Maryland Brooke family--(see details P-2- Maryland)

The DURHAM property sold by John Beale in 1728 to Daniel St Thomas Jenifer, sold to Ignatius Baker Brooke (son of Baker Brooke), sold to Rev. Chas. Neale, was made into the Carmel of Port Tobacco. This still exists! The old building that was the original nunnery on the DURHAM is still standing.
Here is their website:
Here is their history that mentions the DURHAM estate:

Baker Brooke (1628-1679) and Thomas Brooke (1632-1676) were brothers, and both were Catholic. Thomas Brooke was the common ancestor of the two Brooke ladies who married George Beale II and Robert Beale (see P-2, Maryland). I suspect Baker Brooke (who owned part of Durham) was descended from Catholic Baker Brooke (1628-1679). His son Ignatius Baker Brooke (1751-1817) is buried at the Carmel cemetery on the old DURHAM property.
Born April 21, 1751. Died before June 17, 1817.
Probably buried here next to his wife, Mary Brooke (#4).
After the death of his wife, he was ordained in 1801,
joined the reestablished Jesuits in 1805, and served as a
priest in Southern Maryland. According to a clause in the
deed to his land, sold to the nuns through Father Charles
Neale, he retained ownership of his home next to the
monastery until his death. He returned to it in 1812,
apparently due to ill health. As the Jesuits have no
record of his burial, he is probably buried here with his
wife Mary.
Various Semmes family are also buried at Carmel Cemetery:
Son of Ensign Robert Doyne Semmes and Mary Ryan.
August 22, 1778 - January 2, 1826.
Probably buried here next to his wife, Mary Holmes Semmes
(#22). See The Maryland Semmes and Allied Families by

1733 tax records indicate that John Beale is the only Beale in Port Tobacco, Charles County, MD. His property is in Port Tobacco East.
Also residing in Port Tobacco East in 1733 is Marmaduke Semmes.

3)- THOMAS BEALE (1700-1777)- See DNA Findings for data & chart on Thomas Beale & family. MY DNA MATCH
Even though Thomas is not mentioned in the will of John Beale (above), he has a son John and two grandchildren named
after John Beale (John Bealle Tucker, John Bealle Richards).

1758 tax records for Port Tobacco indicate Thomas Beale and William Beale own land in Port Tobacco West.
In 1736 Thomas Beale bought 117 acre CARROT BED in Port Tobacco west, in 1754 Thomas Beale bought the 164 acre GISBROUGH in Charles Co.
JOHN BEALE (1625-1751) and THOMAS BEALE (1700-1777) overlapped their stay in Port Tobacco, Charles County, MD but it does not appear that they owned the exact same properties there. JOHN in Port Tobacco East, and THOMAS in Port Tobacco Upper West.

4)- WILLIAM BEALE (1727-1812)-See DNA Findings for data & chart on William Beale & family. MY DNA MATCH
Evan though William is not mentioned as a son of Thomas in his 1777 will, I believe he is his son because Charles (son of Thomas) lists his brothers Thomas & William as nearest of kin, William is listed as an "heir at law" at Thomas Beale's will probate, and Thomas Beale lists granddaughter Elizabeth Beale in his will. The only son with a daughter named Elizabeth was William. (see DNA findings for further details).

1758 tax records show William & Thomas Beale landowners Port Tobacco West. 1775 tax records show William, Charles & Thomas Beale as landowners Port Tobacco Upper Hundred.

The Wm Bealle will below appears pg. 130 in The Semmes and Allied Families, by Raphael T. Semmes, Baltimore, 1918, along with the 1674 data on John Beale (see above):
Will of Wm. Bealle, recorded September 16, 1812:
Wife Nancy Bealle.
Son Jno. Bealle.
Daugllter Elizabeth Yarbrough.
Son Hezekiah Bealle.
Son Wm. Penn Bealle.
Daughter Mary Simms.
Son Charles T. Bealle.

Also on pg 130 of Semmes book:
NOTE: This Polly Gibson, nee Maddox, first married Thomas Beale, of
Columbia County, Ga., and became the mother of Harriet Shepheard Beale, who
in turn became the first Mrs. Thos. Semmes, Jr., and was my father s
mother. After the death of Thomas Beale, above mentioned, his widow
married Judge Gibson, of Columbia County, Ga. This lady, first Miss
Maddox, then Mrs. Thomas Beale and later Mrs. Gibson, was the maternal
grandmother of Alphonso Thomas Semmes, my father.-Raphael Thomas Semmes.

Raphael T. Semmes in his 1918 book suggests a connection between John Beale of Calvert County in 1674 with the later Thomas Beale of MD and GA. Here is what he says about later Beales:
Dr. Semmes was a son of Thomas Semmes, Jr., and his first wife, Harriet Shepherd (Bealle) Semmes, the latter being a native of Columbia county, Georgia,
and a descendent of early settlers from Charles county, Maryland, whence her
grandparents removed to Georgia.
Raphael Thomas Semmes ......In politics, he is a staunch Democrat, and he and his wife are communicants
of the Roman Catholic church, with which his ancestors have been always

OK, why did Raphael print the 1674 John Beale bond in the Semmes book? I suspect that some of the Beales that married into the Semmes family had kept the July 19, 1674 bond of John Beale, and that it came down the family into Ralphael T. Semmes hands, whereupon he published it in 1918 (along with later Beale data).