10)- Ireland- NEW DATA IN RED (3/5/13):
Robert Beale (1541-1601) was clerk of the council of Elizabeth I--(see New Find 12/1/12)
1656 Captain Beale commanded the "Protector's Life Guard" (Oliver Cromwell).
page 5--The Genealogy of the Beale Family --Francis Beale Smith Hodges
Beale was one of the " Cromwellian Adventurers" (Cromwell's officers & soldiers) who took over Irish estates in Ireland ca 1652.
Irish Pedigrees by John O'Hart--5th edition, Vol II, p.699
His full name was Thomas Beale-- profession---tallow chandler
The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland by John Prendergast--p.434
Thomas Beale (died 1699) settled Armagh--moved later to Mountmellick. Son Joshua Beale (1658-1719)
Joshua Beale had three sons all who married daughters of Joseph Pike

Son Thomas Beale (1687-1761) married Mary Pike in 1710. They lived in Cork & had a son George born 1727. He was not my ancestor.
Son Joshua Beale (1689-1755) married Elizabeth Pike in 1715. They lived in Cork- son George?
Son Benjamin Beale married Rachel Pike in 1723. They lived in Cork- son George?
Benjamin Pike was a brother to the three sisters who married Beales.
The Beale and Pike families were Quakers.
A Benj
Pike lived in Fredericksted, St Croix 1759-1766, overlapping the time that George Beale was on St Croix 1762-1769. Was this Benj Pike from Cork? Was he the brother in law of Joshua, Thomas, & Benjamin Beale? Was he George Beale’s uncle?
Richard Pike (1627-1668) was a corporal in Horse Troop of Cromwell's army, stationed in Ireland. Moved to Cork 1644. In 1665 he became a Quaker and was thrown in prison.
Weisner-Weesner and Allied Families, by John Turner Weisner
Son Joseph Pike (1657-1729) was the father of the three daughters that married Beales, and of Benj Pike. Joseph was a wealthy Quaker merchant of Cork-he owned 10,000 acres in Chester Co, PA (called Pikeland Township), and 1,500 acres in Caln, Chester Co. (The Caln property was 24 miles from the New Garden Twp, Chester Co. property bought in 1768 by George Beale). Joseph Pike leaves the property to his wife, who deeds it to her son Richard Pike. Richard bequests the land to two London merchants, who sell it off in 1756. Two of the Irish Quaker buyers are from New Garden Twp, Chester Co, close neighbors to George Beale’s property.
Nicholas Tuite (St Croix planter) had Cork connections. In his 1772 London will, Tuite mentions kinsman Mary Cahill & husband Thomas Cahill of Cork. Mary’s brother was Robert Tuite who in his 1760 will in Phila, he mentions sister Mary & cousin Nicholas. NT’s godson Nicholas Tuite Selbye marries ca 1775 Teresa Coppinger from Cork. Both Coppingers & Selbyes appear in St Croix records in the 1770’s. Justin McCarthy from Cork married Nicholas Tuite’s daughter. Justin’s son, Charles McCarthy, inherits Tuite’s plantation SION FARM on St. Croix.Joseph Pike ( father of three daus. who married Beales) mentions a Justin McCarthy in his Cork related correspondence.

WHY CORK THEORY MIGHT WORK-- Beale & Pike in Cromwell's army. They both later become Quakers. Beales / Pikes intermarry in Cork. Benj Pike, possibly George Beale’s uncle, was on St Croix the same time as GB. Pike’s owned land Chester Co, near to were GB buys property. Nicholas Tuite had Cork links.
Ancestor George Beale had many Quaker links--see Scenario #3--England to PA..
My Mother's collection had Mary Queen of Scot's items that link to Robert Beale (see New Find 12/1/12), and an Oliver Cromwell Seal that was in her collection but its current location is unknown.

Evan's summary of Ireland-- his current favorite. DNA test is now underway on an Irish Beale who lives in Australia--- hopefully we will get a match to DNA from ancestor George Beale of St Croix.