9)- England - We know that GB’s eldest son John (age approx 13) was in England in 1769, to be trained for trade or business ( GB’s will ). We know John Bradshaw was from London when he bought SION HILL plantation in 1756. We know Dr Basil Feast--GB signs his 1756 will in Phila--was born in London & names many London people (living in the same Lime St. area as Bradshaw & Tuite) in his will. My London researcher has dug up approx 150 Beale wills, none of which link obviously to ancestor George. Some are very tempting, like William Beale, Apothecary, who in his 1749 will names his good friend John Bradshaw of Leadenhall St, Victualer !! To add to the puzzle, Wm names witnesses Henry Dixon (same name as neighbor to George Beale in New Garden, PA), Thos. Baker (brother to John Baker, barrister who was in St Croix?), and W. Martin (possibly the servant to John Baker who lived in Isleworth?). WB mentions his wife Ann, who in her 1758 will mentions a witness Wm Clarke who lived (?) in Isleworth near Nicholas Tuite. IS WM BEALE A RELATIVE OF GEORGE? MAYBE, BUT HOW DO YOU PROVE IT ? Could we check the Thos Baker signature on this will versus Thos Baker’s signature on his own will ? Then how do we link William to our George ???
I searched Catholic records to identify the location of English Catholic Beale families in 1769 (under the assumption that George’s son John stayed with his family while being educated in England). Two Catholic Beale families stand out in the 1769 time period in England:
1)- Catholic Marmaduke Beal of Everingham, York- age 69 in 1767. Wife Ann, age 62. Son Matthew Beal & wife Dorotha, age 33. (This is a contemporary of ancestor George). Matthew & Dorotha have children Rebecca age 10, John age 7, Mary age 1. These children are rough contemporaries of ancestor George’s son John age 11 in 1767.
Marmaduke Beal is probably descended from George Beale, of Woodhouse, who died ca 1643, and married in 1624 Ellen, daughter of Marmaduke Constable of Everingham, York. The Constable family was a famous Catholic family in Everingham. George had a son Henry who in 1658 married Eliz. Carleile, he died 1664. Henry’s son George born ca 1665 married in 1683 Eliz. Lawson.
The Thomas Selby family lived in Mickelgate, York 1720-1746. They attended Holy Trinity York where there were 100 papist families in 1743, approx 25 % of the congregation. The Beale family also attended this church, some George Beales noted. During the Jacobite uprising 1743-1746 in York were noted (among others) Catholics Thos. Selby Esq. & George Beale, gardener Minster Yard.
Thos. Selby moved to London prior 1753 and married Eleanor Tuite, daughter of Nicholas Tuite. In addition to his Lime St. London address, Nicholas Tuite leased Syon Farm House on the Syon Estate, Isleworth, Co. Middlesex, England, 8 miles west of London from 1748-1758. ( Tuite bought SION FARM plantation, St Croix in 1749. This plantation was undoubtably named after Tuite’s rented estate Syon Farm in England.) Tuite’s letters & Catholic records indicate Tuite was in the area of this estate 1743-1762.
Thos. Selby, Tuite’s son in law, wrote letters from Twickenham (nearby to Isleworth & Tuite) in 1758-62. Selby also had a place in London on Stanhope Street.
Thos. Meade in 1753 states that he was “late of Montserrat, but present of Isleworth”. He was involved in financial dealings with Nicholas Tuite. Thos Meade’s son Thomas was godfather to George Meade’s son in a Phila baptism. George Meade was one of GB’s executors.
Many Catholics sent their children to the Catholic school at Liege, Belgium. Those named included : John Beale 1776-1783 ( was this really George Beale? Or, possibly Matthew’s son from Everingham ? Beal’s sponsor was Mr. Stephenson from Little Stanhope St, London. Was he an acquaintance of Thos Selby of nearby Stanhope St.? ), Peter Canvane ( John Beale’s 1802 exor), Nicholas Bignall ( son of Arthur Bignell, GB exor), various Tuite sons, various Farrill’s paid for by Mrs Tuite (Matthew Farrell’s children ?- he was GB’s exor.), John Selby (son of Thos. & Eleanor Tuite Selby), Marmaduke Constable from Everingham, etc.
The RC chapel @ Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London registers mention 1762 baptism of George Beale, son of George & Sarae (sic?), 1771 baptism with godfather Arthur Bignell, 1772 baptism with godfather Matthaeus Farrell. (both Bignell & Farrell were executors of GB’s will.)

2)- Catholic Joseph Beal of Arundel, Sussex was confirmed in a RC ceremony @ Arundel Castle in 1749. Assuming he was 8-9 yrs old @ confirmation, this would make Joseph a slightly younger contemporary of George Beale. We note Joseph, Mary, Catherine & Hanna Beal confirmed @ same place in 1770. This would make them younger contemporaries of GB’s son John who was in England in 1769 @ age 13.
We note a baptism in 1789 in the Registers of Arundel for Ann White, daughter of James White & Eliz. Beal, godfather Joseph Beal. THIS IS NOT THE SAME JAMES WHITE THAT LIVED ON ST CROIX IN 1777 WITH MARY BEALE (see J), because that James White married in 1772 Catherine Barrett of St Croix.
In 1669, a list of popish recusants was published in the Midhurst Deanery, Sussex. This is fairly close to Arundel. On the list were George Beale, Richard Beale, & John Beale. Probably, Joseph Beal was descended from some of these earlier Catholic Beales.
There were a series of Catholic compounds staffed by Jesuits in Wiltshire, Hampshire, & Sussex. The Arundel family was one of the big benefactors, & had estates in these Counties. In checking the Winchester, Hampshire RC records, I noted Brigid Bradshaw appearing in 1743 & 1745, along with John Carter (married Rebecca Howard ?- see Q 10) & Rebecca and Mary Goslin (the Goslin name appears in later St Croix Tuite wills). WAS THIS BRIDGET BRADSHAW THE WIFE OF JOHN BRADSHAW OF LONDON & ST CROIX?
WHY THE SUSSEX CONNECTION MIGHT WORK- I’m intrigued by the early Catholic George Beale in the area. We note Bridget Bradshaw nearby.

3)- OTHER BEALES IN THE AREA WHO MAY NOT BE CATHOLIC-To add further grist to the mill, I researched Beales in the Syon Estate area. I found a Nicholas Beale from Heston, Co Middlesex leased lands on (or nearby) Syon Estate 1623-1665- a 42 year span. He had a son John.
The 1739 will of Ann Beale of Twickenham mentions sister Eliz Hubbard (husb Matthew), sister Mary Pierce, sisters Alice & Rebecca, brother Nicholas Beale. Her estate in the parish of Heston. Ann most likely is the daughter of James & Ann Beale bapt. St Leonard, Heston in 1680. Other children were Jane, James, Nicholas-born 1690, Ealse, Rebecka,& Mary.(Chich file- Wood 30 Mar 95).
We note a Richard Beale of Isleworth in his will of 1754 mentions son James Beale, and he names a witness William Clarke. (see Jam clip p 67)We have already noted (see above) that Ann Beale (widow of William) names Wm Clarke as her witness. Wm Clarke owned land in Isleworth with William Meade (relative of Thos Meade?)(see 17 May 94 Eng file). This places a Beale in the same neighborhood and at the same time as Nicholas Tuite who was renting Syon Farm 1748-1758 and living in the area 1743-1762.
James Beale managed the St Croix plantation of John Heyliger Burt in 1798. Burt was the son of Charles Pym Burt (1706-1788) who married Petronella Heyliger (1741-1770), and bought the plantation inherited by his son. (Jam file clip p21) I note Chas Pym Burt was buried at Syon Monastery, Isleworth in 1788. He lived @ Albemarle St, St George Hanover Square, London @ the time of his death.(Jam p.37) A Robert Burt, Vicar of Twickenham, married Chas’ daughter in 1788.(jam p.36). WAS THERE ANY LINK BETWEEN JAMES BEALE ST CROIX PLANT MGR & JAMES BEALE IN ISLEWORTH ???
I note in the All Saints, Church St, Isleworth records state that Thomas Hunt married Hanah Beale in 1708/9.9 (Chich file,wood 5/13/97) Was this Henry Hunt’s father ??? (see D 1 ). Was Henry Hunt who died St Croix 1762 GB’s cousin ? PROBLEM HERE IS THAT NICHOLAS BEALE & THOMAS HUNT ARE ATTENDING ANGLICAN CHURCHES.

Evan's evaluation of England--he's hiding in here someplace!