7)- Antigua- We generated a theory that George Beale moved from Cork, Ireland to Antigua, and then to St Croix.We know that three Beale men married three Pike sisters (see Q - 10). This theory hangs on the fact that in 1736 Joshua Beale, merchant of Cork, was executor to Thomas Lynch, who gives his estate to his brother Ambrose Lynch of Antigua. We note a Stephen Lynch (related to above ?) of Antigua buried with other Catholics (Tuite, Bradshaw) @ St Pancras churchyard, London.
In addition, Nicholas Tuite’s brother lived on Antigua. His brother’s wife Rebecca Howard Tuite (later married John Carter), in her 1756 London will mentions John Bradshaw, exor & Bridget Bradshaw, witness. (see Q - 10) Her son Richard Tuite bought SION HILL plantation, St Croix in 1751. Richard’s daughter Mary Ellen married Thomas Bradshaw ( John’s son). George Beale & son John worked on this plantation intermittently for 32 years.
Thomas Bale was in the local Antigua militia in 1709. Was this Thomas Beale who married Mary Pike of Cork in 1710 ?

Evan's evaluation of Antigua- possible, but not my first choice.