6)- St Croix- POSSIBLY GB IS RELATED TO SOME OF THE MANY BEALES ON ST CROIX. I WISH TO FOCUS ON THE BEALES OWNING TWO PLANTATIONS, AND SPECIFICALLY ON WILLIAM BEALL. LETS ALSO LOOK AT BEALES MANAGING PLANTATIONS AT THE SAME TIME THAT SON JOHN BEALE WAS A MANAGER.We note that several Beales are on St Croix (See E). We see three Beales managing plantations in Queens Qtr in 1798-99; John (GB’s son), James Beale / Bealy, and Wm Beale (the latter two plantations were owned by members of the Heyliger family). At the same time, Capt. Richard is in F’sted, Jeanne is married to Wm Owen Jr., & Charles is living in X’sted. Possibly some of these Beales ( we know Charles, Wm & Jeanne are children of Charles who died 1783) are descended from one of the following early St. Croix settlers:

a)- Captain Edward Bealy (Baili, Bayley) bought two Prince Qtr plantations- #52 (Neger Bay) and #53 (Bettys Hope) on 30 October 1737, and appeared to own them through 1744. Bealy was from St. Eustatius. 1758-60 Edward Bealy lived on Queens Cross St, X’sted with a wife & 3 children. He dies in 1760.
Other St. Croix residents from St. Eustatius were John & Peter Heyliger. (3 ring St. Cr.)

b)- Planter William Bealy died St. Croix in 1767 @ age 31. In his will he mentions his mother Christian Beally, sister Margaret, cousins Thomas & John More, friends Thos Johnston, James Ellis, and exors James Johnston & Alexander Barry. He also mentions part ownership in a farm called Gallaghan in the parish of Killishandra, County Cavan, Ireland.
In 1767, Wm Bealy’s cousin Thos More was living in X’sted with Thomas Bael.

c)- Planter William Beall (Bell, Beel, Bealy) owned Company Qtr. plantation #28 (Langford) 1748-1751. His neighbor was John Bradshaw, who owned Company Qtr plant #18 in 1751. (see C)
Wm also owned a second plantation 1749-1751 located in East End Qtr #27 (Munster).
Beall bought one plantation in 1748 from Warner Abrahamson Roqier (Dutchman), another in 1749 from Walter Welch’s widow. He sold out in 1751 to Walter Gray & John James Barry.
In 1752-1754, Wm Beall lived on East End Qtr A plantation #26 owned by Peter Heyliger from St Eustatius. Was this the “Mr. Beale” that received a cask of beer from Wm Baker, St Croix plantation owner, in 1754? (see E).
In 1756, Capt Wm Beel of the barque ELIZABETH ALLETA transported slaves from St Kitts to X’sted. A year later, Capt. Wm Bell arrived in X’sted with a cargo of slaves from St. Eustatius.
COULD THIS WM BEALL BE THE SAME WM BEALE (1709-1800) As MENTIONED IN 0 - 1? This WB from PA has a brother in law Wm Hinton. Wm Hinton’s neighbor in Phila in 1756 was Robert Lowry. Was this the same Robert Lowry who was listed on Nicholas Tuite’s plantation in 1768 as “ Has gone to North America”? We note James Hinton ( son of Wm?) marrying Esther Avery in Anglican Church Xsted in 1767. We note a John Henton (sic ?) living at same address in Xsted with Wm Owen & wife Jeanne Beale Owen in 1802.
ER- CHECK VOL X GENEA SOC OF PA for lineage Susannah Beale & William Hinton ( they were married 1749) -do they have sons James & John ???

d)- Captain George Ball / Bahl owes a debt for an auction salary in 1737, he still owes money to the Danish West Indies Co in 1746. In 1750-51, George Ball is living on Kings St, X’sted. Peter Heyliger lives two houses down.

WHY WILLIAM BEALL MIGHT BE THE FATHER OF GEORGE BEALE- He owns two plantations which ties to family tradition. His brother in law Wm Hinton may have had relatives on St Croix, and Hinton’s friends are possibly linked to St Croix or the slave trade. See O - 1 for these details on Hinton.

Evan's evaluation of St Croix--possible.