4)- New Jersey- POSSIBLY GB IS RELATED TO ALEXANDER BEALE (see O, 3). As I have already observed, Alexander’s great grand daughter Hannah Beal married John Dixon, the grand son of Rebecca Dixon, who sold GB his New Garden land in 1768. WAS THERE A LINK BETWEEN GB & THIS BEALE FAMILY? POSSIBLY, GB WAS ALEXANDER’S SON. We note that Alexander married 4 times, in 1723, ? year, 1737, & 1746. His children are listed as William (d 1751), Hannah & Benjamin. We know he had at least one other child not in the published genealogy, one is Deborah Beal who married Thomas Rambo on 18 March 1749 at St Michael’s and Zion Church, Phila.
Alexander moved from Bucks Co, Pa in 1741 / 42 and settled in the bounds of Burlington Co, NJ. On 29 June 1753, he was listed as Alexander Beale of Hanover Twp, Burlington Co, Jersey Planter ( Wm Brown notes 3/8/93-NJ Conn file) . Old maps from the NJ State archives show New Hanover Twp to be very near Nottingham Twp in the NE corner of Burlington Co. We also observe that Robert Tuite (d 1760 in Phila, cousin of Nicholas Tuite of St Croix & London ) was renting a plantation in 1749 located near the River Delaware, in the Twp of Nottingham, Co of Burlington, two miles below Trenton- rented by Eliz Lambert Biles (see P, 2). Elizabeth’s father was Thomas Lambert, who sold Nottingham Twp land two miles south of Trenton to Isaac Watson. The Watson land must have been very near the land rented by Tuite. (Lambert also owned land in New Hanover.) Isaac Watson’s daughter Sarah married Thomas Barnes, their son Isaac & John Barnes were long time residents of St Croix ca 1778. We know Tuite, Watson & Beale were all NJ planters & near neighbors.
I noted an Ann Shaw took care of Basil Feast for 6 weeks prior his death in 1756. George Beale signed Feast’s will (see I , 2). Dr. Thos Shaw & wife Ann lived in the city of Burlington, Burlington Co, NJ. Gervass Burgess, also named in the Feast will, married Elizabeth Shaw, sister to Dr. Thomas Shaw.
We found an interesting piece of information on Rebecca Coxe. We remembered that George Beale had bought his New Garden farm in 1768 from Rebecca Cox Dixon ( see G--- Rebecca Cox had married John Dixon (1717-1767) on 26 May 1742, she died 1787 Fayette Co , PA.) Was the Rebecca who married John Dixon the same Rebecca mentioned in the 1737 will of her father Daniel Coxe of Trenton? This Rebecca inherited 900 acres of land once held by her father with John Scott, late of Rhode Island. I believe John Scott’s son was slave trader George Scott of RI, who owned the Ship TYGER sailed by James Beale to Jamaica ( see I, 2). Rebecca’s brother was William Coxe, who I believe imported slaves into NJ in 1762. ER-- GET 26 MAY 1742 QUAKER WEDDING SIGNATURES FOR THE REBECCA COX / JOHN DIXON WEDDING AND SEE IF WM COXE THERE, ETC. (Wm Cox at 1742 wedding, not Wm Coxe--ER)
On the administration document of Alexander Beal’s estate on 13 May 1754, we note that Beal is late of the Township of Deptford, husbandman. The estate is to be administered by Thomas Rambo and John Whiteall, both of Deptford, Co. Gloucester, NJ. As we have already noted, Rambo married Deborah Beal, presumably Alexander’s daughter. The document is signed by witnesses Sarah Howell & John Ladd. We do note a Sarah Howell with her estate settled in St Croix on 12 August 1768 (green fol). IS THIS THE SAME SARAH ? We also note that James Whitall of Woodbury had a daughter Sarah who married John Murdoch of Phila (Pa Genea Mag-Beale Murdoch Genealogy-p.62). John Murdoch was George Beale’s brother in law. James Whitall may have been the brother of John Whitall who signed Alexander Beal’s 1754 Administration.

Evan's evaluation of NJ--very possible. Lots of St Croix links too.