Data we found on Robert Bealle (code 702)

I searched census data for Charles County, MD. for Beale and Bealle (Geo Beale has DNA link to Charles Co Bealles).

1790---Charles Beale (mar Penelope), Sarah Beale, Thomas Beall (mar Jane Shepherd)
1800---Penelope (Ford?) Bealle (wife Chas), Ann (Penn?) Bealle (wife of Wm Bealle), John F. Bealle
1810---Penelope Beale, Ann P. Beale
1860---Allison Ford Bealle b 1823, Elizabeth Bealle age 73 b 1787 with son George Bealle age 42 b 1818
1880---John age 50, Charles A. age 31, A. Ford age 56, George F. age 63
1900---Charles A. age 48, son Geo. W. age 15, Allison F. age 49, John W.F. age 55, son Geo. F. age 12
1910---Charles A. age 63, son Geo. W. age 25, A.F., J.W. age 65, son Geo. F. age 22
1920---Mary T. (widow Charles A.), son Geo. W. age 33, John F. age 75, son Geo. F. age 31
1930---Sallie C. (widow John F.), Geo. F. age 42, George age 44

NOTE---Multiple GEORGE BEALLEs born in this Charles County family back to 1818.

I conducted a ZABASEARCH and found multiple Bealles living in Charles County, MD. and got phone #'s.

I called Robert Bealle of Waldorf, Charles Co, MD who told me:
1)- This Bealle family moved to Charles County from Prince George County ca 1740-1760.
2)- They were originally from Maidstone, Kent, England.
3)- They bought estate Carrott Bed Enlarged (this agrees with my research).
4)- The family currently still lives on this property in Charles County, MD.
5)- Many Bealles buried in local Episcopal graveyard.
6)- George Ferdinand Bealle was a WW1 vet, had no kids, lived to 90 years.
7)- Robert's wife Bernice has a family chart and other papers with much data (which they will share after she returns).

Robert & Bernice Bealle sent me extensive family data which states:
1)- William Beale from Maidstone, England, a Patentee of Wolf's Den (Prince George Co, MD). Patent issued Nov. 3, 1722, "by the Grace of God and King Charles II"--317 acres begining at a white oak standing on the East side of the NW Branch of the Potomack River, etc. (*outlined in red--See research below)
2)- William's son was Thomas Beale who married Mary Edgar. The Beale "clan" moved into Charles Co June 3, 1742 when Thomas Beale acquired a 40 acre tract known as Carrot Bed Enlarged.
3)- Thomas Beales children were Thomas Jr., John, Charles (died Jan 12, 1793, mar. Penelope Ford 1756-Oct. 28, 1840), Sarah, Martha (mar. John Barker), Ann, Mildred, Esther (Jan 13, 1759-Aug17, 1819, married Samuel Richards 11/5/1762-6/2/1801).
Data on 3 (Thomas Beale) mostly agrees with our findings, as our DNA match William (code 701) was thought to be the son of this same Thomas Beale (1700-1777).

We have just completed our DNA search on Robert Bealle of Waldorf, MD.
Findings just in indicate a match between Robert Bealle (code 702) of Waldorf, MD, our George Beale of St Croix family (code 130), and our previous match of William Beale of Charles County (code 701).
To add to the excitement, Robert Bealle of Waldorf, MD continues to live on the land Carrot Bed Enlarged bought by his ancestors in the 1700's.

* Research on Wolf's Den---not our family.
1)- In 1718, William Beall patented "Wolf's Den", 317 acres.
Nearby, William Beall's uncle James Beall patented "Drumeldry", 225 acres.

2)- James Beall, bapt. Scotland Feb 5, 1652, uncle of William, owner of "Drumeldry", is the son of Alexander Beall of Scotland.

3)- James Beall born 1652 is code 414 on DNA research. As you can see on the DNA markers, we are NOT related to this James Beall born 1652.


George Beale II (son of George Beale d. 1769 St Croix) and his son Robert Beale both marry into the same wealthy Catholic Maryland Brooke family--

According to Lewis D. Cook's work on MURDOCH/BEALE family that appeared in the Penna. Genealogical Magazine--
"George Beale...married secondly 4 December 1817... Elizabeth (Lane) Bowie, widow of Captain Eversfield Bowie..."
"Robert Beale, born 1790, married Eliza Jane Forbes."
We note Elizabeth Lane (George's wife) is the daughter of Thomas Lane & Barbara Brooke.
We note Elizabeth Jane Forbes (Robert's wife) is the granddaughter of Thomas Lane & Barbara Brooke.
Click first site for Lane/Brooke data, second site for Forbes/Lane data:

Here is some data on Barbara Brooke's great great grandfather:
Maj. Thomas Brooke, Sr., Esq. (1632-1676), Burgess, High Sheriff, and Chief Justice of Calvert Co., Maryland.
The elder Thomas was born in Battle, Sussex, England on June 23, 1632. Thomas was raised as a Protestant but converted to Roman Catholicism. He arrived in Maryland with his father Gov. Robert Brooke, Sr., Esq. (1602-1655) on June 30, 1650.
At the time of his death on December 29, 1676, Thomas had accumulated 7,742 acres, and his estate was valued at 95,910 pounds of tobacco, including 10 slaves and 10 servants. Thomas and Eleanor were both members of the Roman Catholic Church.
Click below for Brooke data:,_Sr.

George Beale II (son of George Beale d. 1769 St Croix) and his son Robert Beale both marry into the same wealthy Catholic Maryland Brooke family---we note members of the Brooke family owned Beale land in Port Tobacco, MD that became the nunnery of Mount Carmel.
See "EVAN'S LATEST FAMILY TREE" for further details.


The only ST. MARY'S, MD reference that I recall in approx 36 lineal feet of records accumulated over 28 years is:

Charles W. Beale (1845-1932) of Arden, NC ( brother of my great grandfather Edw. F. Beale of Phila) and his wife Maria did some Beale research circa 1901 in Virginia and Maryland. Maria states to EFB "These people also belonged in 1756 in St Mary's Co Maryland- where your uncle Robert Beale of Capitol Hill was married and some of them moved from St Mary's Maryland to Warrenton, VA and married the Lees."
The people Maria was referring to appear to be Charles L. Beale and John E. Beale whose names (according to Maria) appear on a $20,000 Willoughby Bond, the forfeiture of which cost George Beale his fortune when he came back from St. Croix. Evan's researcher found the 1827 Willoughby bond with John E. Beale's name on it, but no George Beale.
Maria also states; "some of them live at Remington, VA.-near Warrenton- and this confirms my previous conclusions- as that is where I found the Beales who heard their father often say that Truxtun Beale in Washington was their cousin”. Here she is referring to the BOSWELL family saying that Beale was a cousin.(see Scenario 1--VIRGINIA)
We note in the NEHGS research report of Aug 20, 08 mentions a BOSWELL- see DNA FINDINGS above : "V. 9, 1782-1786. This referred to a deed dated 2 Sep 1783 from James Boswell of Montgomery County to George Hargreaves of Charles County. A Thomas Beall of George County, justice of the peace for Montgomery County, was listed as a witness."
See Scenario 13
- two brothers from Kent, one settled MA, "the other in Westmoreland county, Virginia, at a place named Bealeton, after the family." We note that Bealton is very near Remington and Warrenton, VA. These Beales claimed Edward F Beale (descended from George of St Croix), father of Truxtun Beale, was their relative.

Maryland- See M above for many details on GB III and his life in Washington, DC.The Maryland research tries to follow up on the suggestion made by EFB (west) in 1888 - see A - that the Beale family was descended from Ninian Beale from Scotland & Barbadoes. There are numerous Beale descendants from Ninian and his brothers, making this a complex process. KEY FINDINGS IN AN EFFORT TO ESTABLISH A NINIAN LINK :
a)- Catherine Duke (1704 - 1736 ) married in 1722 Ninian Beall (1696 - 1780 ). (see ltr to Brownyard dtd 11/1/87 front of file). We note in the Beale family records from Decatur House @ the Library of Congress that the Beale family is described as descending from John Beale of Maidstone England down through Thomas Beale of Chestnut Hill, VA to Thomas Beale who married Elizabeth Taverner, son John who married Catherine Duke, then son George who married Mary Murdoch. ( this version is similar to, but different from the EFB of Phila version of 1899 - see A ). WHY DID THE DECATUR HOUSE BEALES INSERT CATHERINE DUKE INTO THE FAMILY TREE ? Research shows that Ninian Beall & Catherine Duke had sons Richard, James, Ninian, Thomas, & Benjamin - no George. They lived in Prince George’s Co, MD. (see Gransee packet 11 July 1988).
b)- 1818- GB III buys land in DC from Gustavus Beall Jr, descended from the family of Alexander Beall (1649-1744) see ltr Brownyard 6/28/87.
c)- circa 1846- Col. Benjamin Lloyd Beall ( 1797-1863 -descended from Alexander 1649-1744) was stationed at Fort Tejon, CA with Edward F Beale (west)-see N. His daughter Elizabeth Beall (1827-1850) marries Theodore, the third son of David Porter and Evelina Anderson Porter of Greenbank, Chester, PA. As we have already noted in L, GB II’s daughter Elizabeth Ann Beale (born 1808) married William D Porter (1809-1864), son of David Porter of Greenbank. HERE WE HAVE A BEALE & BEALL MARRYING INTO THE SAME PORTER FAMILY OF GREENBANK.

The Maryland research came with another unusual finding. I learned that GB III bought his DC estate Bloomingdale from “a cousin by the name of Bradley, who came from the same part of Virginia that he did.” ( The Beale Family, by M. S. Chance, P. 25). My researcher found a deed in which William A. Bradley conveys to GB III in 1823 the 10 acres that became the Bloomingdale estate.(Brownyard 18 June 1987).I later discovered that William A. Bradley (born 1794- a contemporary of GB III)) was the son of Dr Phineas Bradley from Wilkes Barre, PA. Father & son moved to DC ca 1801.(ltr to Brownyard 6/28/87). ER- CHECK TO SEE IF BRADLEY FAMILY MARRIES ANY PENNA BEALES ??