1792- GB III born, 2nd son of GB II & Mary Dixon Beale
1813/1814- served as Pursur USN with Commo Macdonnough at Battle of Lake Champlain- Awarded silver medal along with rest of crew (silver copy of gold medal awarded Macdonnough)
1814- GB III starts buying real estate in DC, he bought 12 parcels prior his death, some near Catholic Church properties. 10th Street house was very near St Patrick’s RC church.
1818- bought lots west of White House, one from Gustavus Beall Jr
1819- married Emily Truxtun (1798-1885), 10th child of Commo Thomas Truxtun, Commander of CONSTELLATION in her victories over French Frigates 1799 / 1800. GB III & Emily moved to DC. They had 5 children, including the very wealthy Edward F Beale of TEJON RANCH & DECATUR house fame.
1823- GB III bought 10 acre BLOOMINGDALE estate 1 mi north of capital for $600.00 from Wm Bradley (who was from Wilksbarre, PA). This estate grew to 50 acres, and became the family home for several Beale generations until the death of Emily Beale in 1885.
1832- Edw F Beale (son of GB III) & bro attend Georgetown College
1835- GB III bought PA Ave house from James Hoban, architect of the White House. Hoban was a parishioner of St Patricks RC Church. A large lawsuit loomed immediately connected to this purchase.
1835- 4 April GB III died “after a severe and lingering illness...He was a true son of the Old Dominion” (newspaper)
1835- Edw F & bro leave Georgetown College due to death of his father & a reverse in family finances.
1836- Widow Beale in Chester at Greenbank on the Delaware with son Edw F to make him a Navy uniform. Kinsmen the Porters & Farraguts, neighbors, are mentioned. (p4, Edw F Beale, Bonsal) THIS IS STRANGE -WE HAVE GB II IN GREENBANK IN 1816 , AND NOW EMILY, WIDOW OF GB III, IN GREENBANK IN 1836, 20 YEARS LATER !!! WHY ???
After 1835- lawsuit hammers family.
1846- 24 Dec death of “Old Aunt Peggy, late property of Mrs Emily Beale. She was born in VA,& claimed to be 120 years old...she knew many facts about lower VA..previous to the Revo War. The unshaken fidelity with which this ancient servant clung to several generations of the family in which she was born deserves the passing tribute to her memory” .(newspaper) ( Was this the slave “Old Peggy” bought & sold by John Beale 1798 in Norfolk- see L ? ) ( Mary Beale- widow of GB- owned several slaves in 1777 on St Croix. One was named Margaret. She might have been named after Mary’s sister Margaret, who married Thos Tingey on St Croix in 1777.--Findings St Croix 96 file. Was “Old Aunt Peggy” really Margaret from St Croix?)
1856- Emily writes son Edw F, she selling some properties, mentions Orphan’s Court, settled up in 1856 what owed. “ If your father had signed his will, as he intended, I would not have had this trouble. ”
1888 ca- Gen. Edw F Beale to Mr Hubert Howe Bancroft- “my mother...was left a widow very young...she was left with an estate very much encumbered...she preferred to work out the debt,which she did ..she (left) each of five children a large unencumbered fortune” (Beale-Edw F west fol- large file cabinet)